Friday, July 22, 2011

Milk Board Pulls Sour Ad Campaign

After 10 days of running its sexist ad campaign, the California Milk Processor Board has withdrawn it.

Its campaign had featured men apologizing to their female significant others for offenses that weren't their fault. The kicker is that the women are PMSing. And, ha-ha, what guy can't relate to that, right?

Except don't women do most of the grocery shopping? The milk board actually thought this campaign would appeal to women?

Jeff Goodby, a co-chairman at Goodby, Silverstein, the advertising agency that created the campaign, told The New York Times that he was "surprised" by people's reactions.
[He also said that] "in no way was this done cynically" — that is, designed to provoke consumers deliberately in a way that would generate publicity for the product.
Either Goodby's ad agency isn't very good, or he's lying. Most women--and likely most men--could have told him the ads were offensive.

A day after the campaign was announced, Carol J. Adams wrote a blog post about it that's definitely worth reading. Of the ad campaign, she says the following:
All this to promote a product that actually helps deplete calcium from women's bones rather than strengthening them. And contributes to the ongoing medicalization of women's lives.
Milk contains cholesterol and saturated fat, which can lead to obesity and heart disease and lots of pills and surgery.

If you want to reduce your PMS symptoms, try eating a plant-based diet. I used to have days where I was doubled over, rocking back and forth on the floor, because my cramps hurt so bad. Not being fond of pills, after years of this I finally gave in and would down a Midol when the cramps came. After going vegan, though, I found that I didn't need the Midol. I still have cramps, but they're just a minor discomfort.

The milk board's campaign was odd, too. The average person consumes cow's milk, so shouldn't the average woman's PMS already be reduced? The study the board cites is a 1998 one that says that calcium and vitamin D help to reduce PMS symptoms.

Women don't need to consume milk to get those vitamins and minerals. Leafy greens are full of calcium, and you have vitamin D right outside your front door (ie. the sun). But if that isn't enough, soy milk and other plant-based milks are fortified with both, allowing you to get what you need to reduce PMS symptoms while avoiding the antibiotics, hormones, cholesterol, and saturated fat of animals' milk.

(Sexist ad courtesy of the California Milk Processor Board.)

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veganelder said...

Ever notice that sexist folks, racist folks and other oppressors tend to be oblivious to the obvious?