Friday, October 17, 2008

Wanted: Your Veggie Tales

A few days ago "Oprah" discussed the life of animals on factory farms, particularly chickens, pigs and calves. While I taped but haven't watched the show, the reports I've read say that Oprah basically provided two choices for viewers: continue eating meat from various sources, thereby contributing to animal suffering, or choose "happy meat."

All veg*ans know, though, that "happy meat" is a myth and the only way to stop contributing to animal suffering is by not purchasing any animal products.

I want to show people what Oprah's show did not: that most veg*ans were once meat-eaters and that anyone can choose to go veg.

Therefore, I'm asking my veg readers to send me their stories of how they decided to go vegetarian and/or vegan. I'm hoping my meat-eating readers will learn from and be inspired by your experiences.

Simple Guidelines:

l E-mail me the story of what prompted you to go from from meat-eater to veg*an. If you transitioned from meat-eater to vegetarian and then from vegetarian to vegan (as I did), I'd be interested to know what prompted each decision.

l Stories from vegetarians are welcome; you don't have to be a vegan.

l Suggestions for content: What prompted you to go veg*an? When was this? How old were you? How has being veg*an made you feel -- both physically and mentally? Please provide any other information you think would be interesting to read.

l Stories should be at least 160 words. There is no maximum.

l Please provide your first and last names and the town and state in which you live. (Include your town and country if you live outside the U.S.)

l If you don't want your last name published, please let me know. (I'll publish your first name and the first letter of your last name.)

l If you have a blog devoted to veg*anism and/or animal rights, please provide the URL. I'll link to it following your story, so "Digging" readers can visit your site.

l If possible, please provide a photo of yourself. I'd like meat-eaters to see that veg*ans are regular people like them.

l The deadline to submit your story is Friday, Oct. 31. So get writing!

l Your story may be edited for grammar and clarity.

Thank you!

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