Friday, October 10, 2008

Dog Used to Test Heat Stress

It amazes me when people engage in activities that are clearly, blatantly instances of animal cruelty.

Animal Control in Clay County, Florida, picked up Diamond, a Rottweiler who was running loose in September. She later died, possibly because of the heat in the Animal Control van.

So what do the Clay County officials do to try to determine the exact cause of death? They put another dog in a cage in a van for an hour.

"This was a simulation of the temperature conditions under which the deceased Rottweiler was transported to Animal Control."

Temperatures were taken after thirty minutes and after one hour.

The temperature inside the cage started at 81.9 degrees and climbed to 86 degrees.
When a person dies of unknown causes, do we put another person in those same circumstances to try to figure out what happened? If a child died after being left in a hot car, do we put another child in that situation?

Animals need to be treated as inherently valuable beings, not disposable objects we can conduct tests on.

[Diamond's owner, Harold] Brown is upset about the experiment and says, "[Animal Control] was basically putting the dog in the truck to see if it would live or die."
If you'd like to send a comment to the Clay County Board of Commissioners, you can do so here.

(Photo courtesy of Death Row Dogs. This dog is not related to this story.)

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