Thursday, September 4, 2008

Newsflash: GOP out of Touch with America

Did you watch the Chamber of Commerce meeting ... er ... I mean, the Republican National Convention last night? From the parts that I saw, it did resemble a business meeting. Lots of gray-haired white people listening to two businesswomen tell them how John McCain will help them financially.

I didn't stay up to hear Sarah Palin talk. The speech she gave wasn't going to be her own anyhow.

Not anticipating that McCain would choose a woman as his running mate, the speech that was prepared in advance was "very masculine," according to campaign manager Rick Davis, and "we had to start from scratch."
Tuesday night online Democrats were playing a drinking game during the convention. Every time they saw a person of color, they'd take a drink. As one person said hours into the convention, "I'm horribly sober."

Last night apparently was Diversity Night. The first speaker was an African-American man from Texas. To find a Latino who supported the party, they had to look all the way to Puerto Rico.

I have nothing against 65-year-old white people; I hope to be one someday. But as the delegates are supposed to represent the American people, they should look like them.

The two businesswomen I alluded to earlier spoke after these men.

One of the women was Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, who left that company with $21 million. She's a contributor to Fox News and an adviser to McCain's campaign.

I have nothing against business, but I don't like people who are out of touch with average Americans telling me what Americans are worried about.

Today, Americans are concerned about keeping their jobs, about keeping their homes, about the rising price of food and fuel.

They are concerned about whether they will be able to find or afford the right healthcare.
Fortunately, with her golden parachute, Fiorina doesn't have to concern herself with these issues.

A recurring theme of her speech was choice.

I know John McCain. He understands that government's highest calling is to unlock and unleash the determination, creativity and potential of every single American.

He believes that every American should have an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream.

He believes that people should be freed and empowered to make their own choices.

Wow -- so, Ms. Fiorina, the Republican Party now believes that women have the right to choose regarding their reproductive rights?

What? Oh, no. The men who lead the Republican Party know what is best for women.

But the GOP supports allowing people to marry whom they choose?

You're talking about gays and lesbians, aren't you? Well, they have the right to choose to end their sinful lifestyle and become heterosexual.

Hmmm. But the GOP supports the right of animal advocates to choose to protest the animal-abuse industry, right?

Now, dear, we don't want to hurt companies' profit margins.

Fortunately, we can choose to vote Democrat on Nov. 4.

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