Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin a Republican in Women's Clothing

With the great support both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton received during the primary, John McCain and his staff finally realized something: You mean there are other people in this country besides white men?

And so McCain has chosen Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. I don't for a second believe that this decision means that McCain gives a damn about issues that most women care about.

It doesn't change the fact that he thinks people who make $2 million a year are part of the middle class. It doesn't change his too-often support of President George W. Bush's policies. It doesn't change his eagerness to drill offshore for oil, thereby harming more of our already damaged environment. It doesn't change his support of the ill-planned, deceptively begun Iraq war.

No, McCain is still McCain, part of the Good Ol' Boy Republican machine.

Palin does veer from the Good Ol' Boy stereotype. She is a former beauty pageant contestant, so she looks good and speaks well. She's also young, which will help counter McCain's age. She has criticized ethics violations by Alaska's Republican leaders.

Like the Good Ol' Boys, though, Palin holds a lifetime membership in the National Rifle Association, and her record for caring about animals is abysmal.

She supports aerial hunting of wolves and bears, in which hunters fly over the animals and shoot them. The program is justified by claiming it's "aimed at boosting moose and caribou populations for hunters."

Three days ago Alaskans were asked for the third time to ban aerial hunting of wolves -- the first two times Alaskans voted to end the horrific practice. In those cases the Alaska Legislature caved to animal-abuse special-interest groups and reinstated the killing. This time Palin approved spending $400,000 to "educate" Alaskans about aerial hunting, and the ballot initiative failed.

Palin also hunts, ice fishes, eats moose hamburgers and supports the cruel Iditarod, in which several dogs die each year, not counting those who are bred for the "sport" but don't make the cut.

In 2004 USA Today sports writer Jon Saraceno wrote this about the Iditarod:

The economic impact to Anchorage, site of the ceremonial star, is estimated at more than $5 million. [...] The dogs, of course, get their usual take. More suffering."
While I'd love to see a woman hold a high office, it can't be just any woman. She has to share my values. And let's not forget: We're voting for president. It's John McCain vs. Barack Obama. Their running mates are simply window dressing.


Lisa J. said...

You've erased the need for me to write the blog I was planning on writing on this very topic.

One thing that bothers me is that Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton by any stretch of the imagination. McCain's camp is trying to "woo" the Clinton supporters who were claiming to not support Obama; especially after Obama didn't choose Clinton as VP it seemed like maybe women or clinton-supporters would be an easy grab for republicans.

Not so. If there is anyone who is completely opposite of Hilary, it's Palin. As a woman, I think it is frustrating to have watched Hilary rise through the ranks & work her entire life to get to where she was: almost the democratic presidential nominee. That was the furthest any woman has ever gone in politics. And who is this Sarah Palin? Just by some stroke of luck, she gets to parade around as some hotdog politician? She has NO experience whatsoever. AND she has outwardly proclaimed her intentions to overturn Roe v. Wade. Anyone who supported Hilary should not, in their right mind, even consider Palin.

Here's the real kicker: Palin canonizing herself just because she "chose" to give birth to her Downs Syndrome baby! I mean, wtf is that all about?! It's akin to saying, "when we found out we were pregnant, we'd hoped it was a boy. When we found out it was a girl, we were disappointed but decided to continue the pregnancy anyway."

Like you said, the VP selection is really "window dressing" but this was a calculated move by McCain that makes me sick.

I'll have to write a "funny" blog at some point about my husband's "Smack Around America Campaign".
Sarah Palin: SMACKED!!

Tracy H. said...

Lisa, you should still write your post about Palin. And check out the entries at regarding her, especially this one:

Lisa J. said...

Thanks! just did!

I'm laughing reading the DailyKos you linked me to! Holy crap. #9 & #10 are totally hi-LAR-ious!!