Friday, August 1, 2008

One Myth of (Animal) Milk

I listen to four radio stations on a regular basis, one of which is WGN Radio in Chicago. Unfortunately, they air Paul Harvey, at which time I turn the station. Today, though, I caught a glimpse of one of his news items: a study (or studies, not sure) found that drinking cow's milk one or two times every day vs. once a week had no effect on the occurrence of broken bones. Harvey and his syndicated radio segments are highly conservative, so I was surprised that he'd mention a news item that didn't cast cow's milk in a favorable light.

Harvey said that calcium (from cow's milk) has long been thought to protect our bones as we age. Yet, he added, the Chinese consume less calcium than Americans and suffer fewer broken bones. He wondered how this was possible.

Well-researched vegans know exactly how this is possible, and it's one of many facts that the dairy industry wishes to conceal: Consuming excess protein causes calcium to leach from bones.

Almost all Americans consume too much protein. And in an effort to consume calcium, they look to the source we've all been told is the best for that mineral -- cow's milk. But cow's milk also contains protein, which we're already getting too much of through our meat eating.

The Chinese don't consume nearly the amount of protein we do, so the calcium they consume isn't leached from their bones.

For more about this issue, please read "The China Study," which I'll be reviewing in the near future. Or visit


Lisa J. said...


Nice to know this was aired on the radio & not just preached to the Vegan Choir!!

btw - I'm really enjoying your blog & will be linking it in mine.

Tracy H. said...

Thanks very much, Lisa!

sling said...

Actually, while Paul Harvey was conservative, he did seem to have a soft spot for animals. Harvey's show was the first place I ever heard about cruelty in the fur industry, back in the 1980s.